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Friday, April 20, 2007

WiFi in SF

A few weeks back, I was in SF to attend a wedding for a cousin of mine (actually, be more part of ). A different cousin and I had a hour to kill before attending the rehearsal thingy, we ducted into a local coffee shop in the Cow Hollow district(I believe) to get something to drink and fire up our laptops. I was hoping that I would be able to find an open WiFi connection of some sort but no luck in this case. Usually, I can find an open connection on the east coast. But I guess being in the Silicon Valley, everyone knows what they are doing and secured their Access Points. So, I did hope that there would be a community wifi AP or coffee shop offering an AP. But again, no luck. However as I was browsing the list of APs, I did see this one that drew my curiosity.

I should have called the number to see what it was about but of course I didn't. Still, I'm just disappointed that being in SF there wasn't a community AP. I guess I was in the wrong area of SF for that kind of thing. =(

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Mac Attack

Since college, I have always been thinking about getting an Apple Machine as a secondary machine. However in the last few weeks, I have been seriously thinking about buying a MacBook Pro as my laptop machine. I went a Ruby/RoR user group meeting a month ago and then again last week. As people arrived, I was amazed people were whipping out their MacBook/MacBook Pro machines. It was just incredible to see about 15 MacBooks just lined up and down the table. I think I only saw one person with a non-Apple machine. If I had my Thinkpad with me, I would be embarrassed to pull it out.

With Apple now using an Intel chip which gives it the ability to run Windows on the machine and tools like Parellel'scoherence feature, it seems like there isn't a reason not to switch. My cousin who recently switched over to the Mac platform said that he was amazed how much more productive he became after the switch.

Don't get me wrong, I love IBM laptops and still recommend them to everyone who is looking for a Windows Laptop.(If you are looking for an Thinkpad recommendation, get a X31/X41. My gf has one and I enjoy using it - light, mobile, fast, overall awesome machine) But I think it is only time before I cave in and become an owner of a MacBookPro laptop. I just wonder how long before I acquire one.....

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