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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mr. Bean

Another Mr. Bean movie is coming out! After watching the trailer for Mr. Bean, I need to find someone with Mr. Bean DVDs. There is something about old British comedy that I like ( Mr. Bean, Are You Being Served, Red Dwarf ). Not sure why that is.

Mr. Bean 2 trailer

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wild Book Thing

A few months ago, a friend told me of this place called Book Thing in Baltimore City. Book Thing is a non-profit that takes donated books and offers them back to the community. You can take as many books as you want. (Well, according to the website, the limit is 150,000 books at once.) This weekend, I finally had a chance to go visit. I wanted to visit since I wanted to donate/drop off few books that I didn't need anymore. (My sister had me drop off a box full of her med school books as well.)

Not exactly in the greatest location of Baltimore, BookThing is a warehouse that just has rooms of rooms lined filled with bookshelves. And every bookshelf was full of books: business, chemistry, travel, computers, and tons of novels and paperback books. And the volunteers were continuing to add more books to the shelves as their processing room was finish stamping them with the 'Not for ReSale' stamp.

It definitely a place I'll visit again once I finish reading the books I took. And I recommend it as a place to definitely stop by and take a book (look and book, get it? hahaha)

Books I found: Two autobiographies, one of John Scully and the other of Gil Amelio (both ex-CEOs of Apple if you didnt know), a Carl Haas novel, and a book about China.

Now, only if they had such a thing in New York.....