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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A reason not to have X-ray vision

Take a look at this picture. It is an xray of two women, one that is weights 250lb, and the other at 120. There is a huge contrast between the two images. You can even see that some fat has settled near the brain area on the heavier women. Also, notice how the bones are positioned in the body. Very amazing to see. Well as warning, the picture is a bit graphic, and such....


Saturday, April 08, 2006


Came across an article from Wired about The Mandarin Offensive and the push of the Chinese language in all cultures.

An example of is this an article about the increasing demand for Chinese Nannies in the US. I read somewhere that the salary could go as high as $100,000. Do a search on google for Chinese Nanny and see all the websites that popup.

So, better study that Chinese......

One way is to do it via podcasts.The one I like is called ChinesePod and it is available on iTunes.

And to leave on a funny note, I found this video called Yellow Fever the other day.

Citibank Direct

So, Citibank is the latest to jump into the online only banking game. They are offering 4.5% rate for the e-savings account.

I called them since I had a couple of questions about how my existing accounts exist with this new e-savings account. One thing I found out is that the 4.5 is an introductory rate. The person I spoke with said that the e-saving rate will probably will drop at least 1 to 1.5 percent in a couple of months after the promotion runs its course.

I guess I will be go back to my other direct account after Citibank drops the interest rate. BTW, INGDirect pays pretty low compared to the other Direct banks out there..

Ah the games we all play both corporations and individuals to gain a penny.