through sewell's eyes

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sleep Coding

Is there such a thing? Trying to finish my project and I'm running on fumes.........

On hold

Argh.... been on hold for 15 min.. Why is an airline call center busy at 12:58am???????????????????????

Ordering Milk?

Is it crazy to order milk while at a restaurant? My co-workers was laughing at me when I decided to order milk at dinner. Even the waitress was joking that the last time someone order a glass of milk was last week and he was 80 years old.

It didn't exactly go well with the pork chops that I ordered. My reasoning for ordering milk is that with the amount of traveling I do, there is no point for me to buy milk at home. It would spoil by the time I get home again.

And I don't want to get any shorter than I am already... :P