through sewell's eyes

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Take Out

You know you order way too much take out when the restaurant knows your address and phone number when you call them.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Chinese and Puerto Rico

Have you heard a Puerto Rican speak perfect Cantonese? I was having lunch at the local mall food court. I was sitting next to a major aisle in the food cout. As usual, I was reading a book and chowing down, when a middle-aged lady stops next to my table and started to say something. Since it a bit noisy, I didn't understand what she said. So, I responded that I don't understand Spanish. She shakes her head and says it again, "Do you understand Cantonese?" (In Cantonese of course). I comprehend bits and parts of Cantonese to somewhat understand a conversation, but I definitely can't speak it. I tell her in English that I didn't. She looked disappointed and continued walking. I guess she was hoping to practice her Cantonese with me. I wonder where she learned it because as far as I could tell, it was perfect could have been a native speaker.

Interesting enough, I came across this entry about Chinese in Puerto Rico in Wikipedia a couple months ago when I was bored and looking up ABC (American Born Chinese). A taxi driver who was driving me form the San Juan airport to my hotel told me the same thing. He said there are quite a few Asians on the island and that alot of them married Puerto Rican women. He said that some PR women actually find Asian men attractive. So
since there is already a shortage of Asian females and quite a few of them have taken up with the Caucasian males, maybe the Asian male can find a Puerto Rican women.

In either case, I need to get off this project. I can only take so much of Puerto Rico. 12 weeks and counting...

Mental Blah

The fun starts up again this Saturday. I'm taking another class on Saturday during the Summer session. It is really going to be rough managing the 100% travel for job and the class work load. Something is going to have to give very soon and it might be my job. It is something that I have been thinking about for a long time. My job is okay. I like the people that I work with and that is probably the only thing I reason I have stayed. The projects haven't been great, truthfully they have been kind of bad. I want to be doing development work, but I'm pretty much an installer. I do more than that but that is easier for non techies to understand that what I do. I do some development work here and there -- Java, Sybase Stored Procedures, and scripts but I want to do more of it, much, much more. I must be really stupid for staying. I had a job offer a couple months ago, but just didn't really WOWed by the technology so I turned it down.