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Saturday, April 30, 2005


the answer to life, the universe, and everything

I barely remember reading the book. I guess I'll have to look for it when I'm at my dad's house and read it again.

Getting trampled by technology

I came across this article. It talks about the top 30 PC skills that one should have when using a PC. After looking at it, I can say that I'm not an expert on how to use a computer. I would probably rank myself at about above-average.

But as I think about it, during the course of working with a wide variety of people that hold computer-related positions, there are just some people just lack the basic knowledge of using a PC. They have problems on how to save files, preventing the installation of spyware software when installing other software [which result in having your task bar filled with all those mini-icons]or do basic research on the internet. Perhaps the fault is with me, that my thinking is at fault; and they probably think that I lack skills that they think I should have, like better writing skills , or how to use a fax machine.

Yes, fax machines. Fax machines just scare me. I don't like using them because it is like my documents go into a blackhole and 10 minutes later you get a status report whether it was successful or not. If it isn't successful, does that mean it will try again or do you need to re-sent it through? Also, if you hear the fax dialing out and it gets a busy signal/wrong number and you hit cancel, does the image of the pages you fax get deleted in memory or will it try again in a couple of minutes. But I think what really started me on not liking faxes was when I started job hunting after college. We had this manual feed fax machine at home. The problem was that you had to feed the pages one-by-one. The problem I always had was when to feed the next page. To soon the new page would not be read in its entirely; too late, the fax machine would think you are done and disconnect with the other fax, so you needed you calling like 3 times to send 3 page document.

Technology keeps moving and I try to keep up by reading the tech websites, but it does get very overwhelming, for example: Bluetooth, VOIP, podcasting. In addition as your get older, you gain other responsibilities that you don't have the time to devote to keeping up with everything. As I think into the future, are we going to be like our parents or grandparents who will be deathly afraid of newest technologies while our kids/grandkids whiz by us on the latest version of the information superhighway?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Got money?

Intesting story about 2 dollar bills. What intrigued me is that you can actually get 2 dollar bills from the bank. I need to get some now.

Arrested for using 2 dollar bills

Monday, April 04, 2005

Travel Statistics, Q1 2005

One quarter of the year has gone by and I decided that it would be interesting to tally up the number of days I have traveled over the quarter. I actually spend more days at home than I initially thought. But still the cost of my apartment -- rent, cable, internet, phone -- is as much as a so-so priced hotel , based on the number of nights I have stayed at the apartments. Maybe I should just move home. The longest I stay at home was 6 1/2 consective days.

The longest place I was at consecutively was Puerto Rico for 11 days.

Most of the statistics are from Jan 1st to April 1st, inclusive. [91 days]

Days in Cities

NYC - 8 days
Rockville, MD - 28 days
Atlanta, GA - 27 days
San Juan, Puerto Rico - 20 days
Harrisburg, PA - 1 1/2 days
Baltimore, MD - 1/2 day
Findlay,OH - 5 days

# of Times I have been at an Airport
[passing through, departing from or arriving at]

ATL - 16
EWR - 2
LGA - 3
JFK - 1
DCA - 15
IAD - 2
SJU - 6
CVG - 1
TOL - 2

Flights by Airlines

United - 3 (2 that took off -- see post from 3/07/2005) [1 time in First Class]
Delta - 21 [1 time in First Class]
Continental - 3

Chinatown Buses

Eastern Shuttle - 2

Nights at Hotels

Fairfield by Marriott - 23
Marriott - 1
Days Inn - 1
Normandie Puerto Rico - 17
Four Points by Sheraton - 1
My Apartment - 47 (not sure about this)