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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Chinese Restaurants is to the Northern States as ______ Restaurants is to the Southern States

I'm working in Atlanta, GA for the last couple of weeks. Doing a 3-4-5 schedule.
  • 3 - # of nights away from your home.
  • 4 - # of days on the client site.
  • 5 - # of days working.

So, I was driving around a bit last week, and I was in the mood for Chinese food. So I was looking for a Chinese restaurant or take out place to grab some food. I drove about 10 miles, and the only restaurants that I keep seeing were Mexican restaurants, one after another. I enjoy Mexican food, but since I had it from lunch that day I wanted something different. So, I finally find a place after a bit. As I turn into it, I notice it was run down but it was really late and I was hungry. I went in, and I thought I saw another Caucasian male with a kid there so I thought it was okay since there is another family there. But when I sat down and looked at the family again, I realized that the other family was actually the owner and his kid. The kid was mixed as his mother/hostess/waitress was Chinese. (The grandmother -- mother's side -- was trying to hawk trinkets to another customer that was ordering take out who had come in seconds after I did). As I continued to scan the room, I the kid's toys were all over the floor and on tables. The restaurant was his playroom. I should have bolted, but I already sat down, and the wife had already gotten my soda and crispy noodles. Anyway, it sum it up, the hot and sour soup sucked, but the chicken and broccoli actually was very good.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

And it begins.....

I was reading about a Forbes article about a potential Symantec and Veritas merger. A point definitely it on the straight on the head. They are going to probably going to fall like dominos soon. I expect my company to be in the news soon. This just my opinion.

"Should a deal occur, it will put even more pressure on less successful software companies--the list is long--to merge or get out of the business. There are dozens and dozens of enterprise software companies that are surviving on maintenance revenue streams and not much else."

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Apple iPod from China?

I ordered an iPod a couple of days ago from the Apple website. This morning I get an email from Apple saying that it was shipped via FedEx. So I get on the FedEx website, put in my tracking number, and low and behold, I see this:

Click on image to enlarge

I know they are made in China, but actually shipped from China, that is news to me.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Some ways to get a wife....

Top 5 ways to get a wife according to the Bible.


Thanks for link Sonya.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Another year has gone by...