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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Eve of MacWorld '08

As the world patiently anxious awaits Steve Job to give his keynote speech and tells the world the latest products that are streaming from Apple, I am somewhat undecided on whether I should get an MacBookPro or not for my next laptop.

I have been in need of a new laptop for the last few months. I have started to do some development work on my laptop again and realized that the 512MB of RAM IBM machine isn't going to cut it. I'm being holding off waiting for Apple to announce their refresh of MacBook Pro line before I decide what to get. But as I think about it more, I'm not really sure why I want a MacBookPro. We all know that Apple is kool and all that. What else?

  • MacOS has a really nice interface for applications and easy to use. Since I use the web/browser the most of my work, so it really doesn't matter what the base OS offers.

  • Form factor/design is the best. Totally agree with that, can't argue with that.

  • It runs unix. That is nice, but I'm happy with the command prompt that Windows offers.

  • With that said, I still will end up getting an MacBook Pro. I want to make it clear to myself, that the only reason to get one is to say that I own one and I'm drinking the Apply kool-aid.


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