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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

iPhone Review

So I broke down and bought an iPhone . After having it for a little over 2 weeks. Here are my thoughts on it - all typed via the iPhone (cleaned up a little tho before posting).

Keyboard-non issue. took me about a day to get use to it still have some typos, bit it is a Non issue.

Spell checker- a pain in the ass! While it works, it gets in the way of typing.Wish there was a way to disable it.

Edge - very slow.the wifi helps but still you aren't always around a place to connect to.

Accelerometer- while it is a useful to be able to view the web via wide screen,it is too sensitive moving from portrait to landscape viewing mode. Every time I want for a page to load, I relax my arms/hands/wrists. this slight movement,triggers the screen to rotate. when trying to go back to portrait mode it isn't as sensitive and takes some twisting to trigger the accelerometer to change viewing mode.

Games-i just believe that apple didn't put any games on this thing!!!! Even the iPod Nanos have some.

Battery life- I get about 1.5 days on a charge-on what I think is medium-high usage on it. Based on what others PDA users experience the iPhone is an efficent user of the battery.

Phone- I'm not a big fan of how the phonecontact list works. While the interface is simple to use it actually makes my life harder. Scrolling to find names and numbers is quite cumbersome. Also, your favorite contacts are lists and not hot keys like on my previous phone so you have to switch to a specdic screen to call a favorite person.

SIM card- need to test out - see below.

Mail-very easy to use. Even loaded my gf's email account on the iPhone. When she wants to check her email she just enables her account and is able to access her mail via the iPhone mail interface( versus needing to load up safari and such).

Camera - the shutter is a bit slow which results is blurry pictures. I knewing going in that the camera didn't have a zoom feature,but I didst realize how much I was going to miss it.

Notes- love it! It let's me draft emails and blog postings (like this one) for both personal as well as work.

Safari- aside from the accelerometer, I haven't had any issues with it too much. Not having flash support is probably a good thing, since it is a huge download on the edge network.

Overall, I'm happy with what I the iPhone. I just wonder when version 2 will come out and what it will have -my predictions is jan with no 3g support.

Things that have happened since I got my iPhone :
- lost it on the subway (9/21 10:30pm) - don't get the speck belt clip for the iPhone!
- recovered my iPhone (9/22 3:00am)
- SIM card goes bad (9/25 7:00 pm)
- get SIM replacement ( hopefully tomorrow)

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