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Sunday, July 01, 2007

No iPhone for me

at least for now.... I spent this past weekend flipping and flopping about whether to get one or not. I played with it over the weekend at several AT&T stores and I love the interface. It is very fast and responsive and being able to take your finger and fling it to move to the next screen is so cool!. I even loaded up booksmoothie on one of them to see if the iPhone render the site correctly. And it does =)

So why didn't I pick one up? There are a few different reasons. One being is cost. Since I'm on a budget right now, I don't have that much spare cash at the moment. I rather save up to buy a new laptop soon. Since I will only consider a Thinkpad or an Apple machine, I need all the cash I can save.

Another reason is the missing features that I would to see on the iPhone.
  • Removable SIM card (so that I switch to a "junk" phone when the need arises)
  • Zoom in camera
  • 3G
  • Word Processing software
  • GPS
  • Removable battery

I probably won't wait until all the features are added, but most of them probably need to get in place before I buy one. I hope that v. 2 will hit in on the mark.

But for the next few weeks, I'm going to be doubting my decision..........


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