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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat,
Smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat,
If you don't, I don't care,
I'll pull down your underwear!

Do kids even get dressed up anymore for Halloween? I was home yesterday giving out the candy to the local neighborhood kids and I really didn't see any kid that was dressed up. A lot of them were just in sweats, and not even with masks on. There was one girl that was in her cheerleader outfit. It had the local middle school writing on the front. that was suppose to be a costume? WTF? I guess dressing up isn't that popular anymore.

Additionally, I was just shocked at how few people came by trick-or-treating. I have so much extra candy left, that I should have been giving each kid one huge-hand full of candy instead of 4 pieces I was doing. In the morning, I usually quite a few kids on each corners waiting for the bus to come pick them up. I think maybe 20 kids came by, no older than 13 I think. Back in the day, we use to get even college students stopping by the house tricker-treating. (BTW, one year during college, I went tricker-treating in the dorms -- boy did I get some interesting stuff).

Free candy anybody?


  • At Friday, November 03, 2006 5:49:00 PM, Anonymous Ms. Q said…

    I dunno if kids still get dressed up for Halloween. If the parents I know are any indication, they still do. It also depends on where you live and what kind of neighborhood you have. Some neighbors "dress up" - the entire block is decorated for Halloween and all the kids and other parents feel comfortable with trick or treating in that particular 'hood. Some people don't want to deal with trick or treaters and either "go dark" (turn off the porch light, any type of welcoming light) or just put out a bowl of candy.

    You had maybe 20 kids come by? That's kinda a "haul!" Seems like when I lived in a house (I live in an apt now) we got maybe 8-15 treaters. Last year I got 1 kid - a neighbor, and I was asked by his mother, a friend, if he could stop by. All I needed was enough candy for the one kid. He was pretty stoked to wear his Power Rangers SPD costume (he corrected me when I said, "Power Ranger" - he was a Power Ranger SPD).

    Plenty of adults in costume. But I live in a part of the country where many people look like they are in costumes all year round.


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