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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Chinese and Puerto Rico

Have you heard a Puerto Rican speak perfect Cantonese? I was having lunch at the local mall food court. I was sitting next to a major aisle in the food cout. As usual, I was reading a book and chowing down, when a middle-aged lady stops next to my table and started to say something. Since it a bit noisy, I didn't understand what she said. So, I responded that I don't understand Spanish. She shakes her head and says it again, "Do you understand Cantonese?" (In Cantonese of course). I comprehend bits and parts of Cantonese to somewhat understand a conversation, but I definitely can't speak it. I tell her in English that I didn't. She looked disappointed and continued walking. I guess she was hoping to practice her Cantonese with me. I wonder where she learned it because as far as I could tell, it was perfect could have been a native speaker.

Interesting enough, I came across this entry about Chinese in Puerto Rico in Wikipedia a couple months ago when I was bored and looking up ABC (American Born Chinese). A taxi driver who was driving me form the San Juan airport to my hotel told me the same thing. He said there are quite a few Asians on the island and that alot of them married Puerto Rican women. He said that some PR women actually find Asian men attractive. So
since there is already a shortage of Asian females and quite a few of them have taken up with the Caucasian males, maybe the Asian male can find a Puerto Rican women.

In either case, I need to get off this project. I can only take so much of Puerto Rico. 12 weeks and counting...


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